Whether we work here, attend school here, or live here, we belong in Chapel Hill.

Chapel Hill is for all of us.

Read why we're supporting Jessica Anderson for Mayor and Melissa McCullough, Jon Mitchell, Theodore Nollert, and Amy Ryan for Chapel Hill Town Council.

Chapel Hill is for All of Us.

We are Chapel Hill residents who envision a vibrant, affordable, sustainable, and inclusive Chapel Hill, where people at every stage of life and at all income levels can find a home.

Everyone needs housing.

Chapel Hill and the Triangle metro area are experiencing a housing shortage.

Our local actions matter.

40,000 people — our teachers, our civil servants — commute into Chapel Hill each day. More housing types allows for a more vibrant and inclusive community.

Want to make a difference?

Join us in creating a “Chapel Hill for All” that is diverse, inclusive, welcoming, affordable, and sustainable. 

Learn more about the issues.

Learn more about housing, local government, and zoning.